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My Toolbelt

published 02 March 2020

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Here is my personal hardware & software stack. The things I use and enjoy on a daily basis since a long time. The software is pretty much the standard in Free Software development stack. Don't expect to find anything you don't know here. I write this because people keep asking me, especially in mentoring situations.

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Things I hack - Portfolio

OSEM - Event Management App

An event management app tailored to Free Software conferences. Helps organizers with paper submission, marketing and analytics of events. I contribute to all aspects of this app. From the backend over the user interface to the the landing page.

  • Role: Developer, Project Manager
  • Platform: Web, Android
  • Technology: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Haml, Sass, JQuery, SQL, RSpec
  • Customer: openSUSE, GNOME, ownCloud
  • Online:

Open Build Service - Software build system

A generic system to build and distribute Linux binaries from source code in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way. Helps Free Software developers to ship applications as well as updates, appliances and entire distributions for a wide range of Linux operating systems and hardware architectures. I am responsible for the ruby on rails part.


A stable, easy to use and multi-purpose Linux based operating system. Helps people to get all their of computing done, from browsing facebook to developing complex applications. I was part of the group of engineers that launched this community in 2005 and I'm still a member with various roles today. I maintain software packages that are included in the OS, I administer several servers/applications that the project utilizes and I contribute to the promotion by writing, speaking and evangelizing about it.

  • Roles: Developer, Admin, Community Manager, Editor
  • Technology: Linux, Apache, Postfix, Wordpress, Mediawiki, RPM, Open Build Service, Chef, Github, IRC, Bugzilla
  • Online:

Things I am - About

Henne Vogelsang

A headshot of Henne Vogelsang

full stack developer of the modern web

I express my apps business values in RSpec, capture it's behaviour in Ruby on Rails models and help Humans to interact with it's data through mobile first, responsive and progressive enhanced HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript driven user interfaces.

For more than a decade I am a rigorous practitioner of Free Software development. I love the raw power of communities collaborating and I believe that everyone should be able to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software that is eating   running the world.

My day job at is hacking, operating and maintaining the Linux distribution development platform Open Build Service. A massive Ruby on Rails/Perl application.

In my spare time I practice my skills by developing an event organization app, the Open Source Event Manager, by operating a lot of the server infrastructure of the openSUSE project, and by teaching free software development with programs such as RailsGirls Summer of Code.

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  1. Development
  2. Design/UX
  3. Operations
  4. Project/People/Community