Mind the gap between platform and app

published 04 May 2016 in osem

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With the Open Source Event Manager (OSEM), one of the Ruby on Rails apps I hack on, we're heading down the road to version 1.0. A feature we absolutely wanted to have, before making this step, was an easy deployment to at least one of the many Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers. We deemed this important for two reasons:

  1. Before people commit to use your precious little app they want to try it. And this has to be hassle free.
  2. Getting your server operating system ready to deploy Ruby on Rails applications can be tedious, too tedious for some people.

So I have been working on making our app ready for Heroku which is currently the most popular PaaS provider for rails (is it?). This was an interesting road, this is my travelogue.

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